I often hear references to personal empowerment as being a feeling, or a subjective emotion. Which of course I won’t dispute because it is understandable when we consider the results of gaining individual, personal, or self-empowerment and here is why.

Empowerment is a process of personal development that involves the attainment of skills and abilities with the intention of creating a more positive self-definition that leads to a higher sense of self-esteem and self-respect. It is to have and to demonstrate influence within the spheres of one’s life.

People that become empowered have taken control of their lives, possess confidence, maintain advantageous goals and objective, and make positive choices. It is important to them that they have belief in themselves along with a healthy understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Most people that I have talked to about this topic actually have this desire to “feel” empowered, but all too often what I hear is the undervaluing of the self, lacking confidence in their true abilities, unnecessary pressure due to unrealistic goals, all or nothing thinking, and nonexistent stress management skills.

The fact is that change does not happen in a bubble. One can’t read a book and expect what they read to come to fruition without action. Gaining or developing empowerment is a social process that fosters power in people for the betterment of their own lives personally, professionally, and socially.

At Turning Leaves, we value the individual’s desire to find personal empowerment. The creation of our person-centred, goal driven, coaching practice was developed with great passion, dedication and experience. We work avidly to continuously provide a comprehensive program that is proven to be successful. It is our true intent to support and guide you toward your true capabilities to live life on life’s terms with the development of positive life changes and personal empowerment through insight learning, insightful problem solving, and effective action planning.

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