Sending a Letter of Hope

I want to talk to you for a minute.

These things you are weighed down by, addiction and cravings, that are being fueled by anxiety, fear, and depression. They are just thoughts. And guess what… thoughts can be changed any time you don’t like them.

The same thing goes for your perceptions. If you perceive it as a negative, or even a threat, that’s exactly what it will be, negative or threatening.

I have been there, and sometimes I even have fleeting blips of the same old thoughts and perceptions. And sometimes I have just a good old-fashioned week filled with all of it.

So, what do I do?

I change! Scary thought, right? But honestly, what is change really?

Learning! It’s just learning something new, discovering something new, experiencing something new.

So, in a nut shell, what we are saying when we are resistant or fearful of change is that we are simply afraid to learn something new. We are fearful of the unknown. And we are unwilling to expand our experiences.

Yeah, I get it. That sounds great and all. But how do you know where to start? And if you’re filled with anxiety about starting how do you get past that?

Well, I start at the basics. The core foundation that lead me on this journey of self-discovery, sober, with a clear mind.

I reflect. I get centered and grounded. I examine my life balance. I acknowledge my core non-physical feelings (anxiety, irritation, instability), identify what is driving them, and I investigate where my core beliefs are residing.

Then, I get real. I ask myself right here right now in this moment what do I need to think, feel, or do, that will have me obtain resolution and begin moving forward to where I ultimately want to be.

After that, the work begins. One step at a time I climb up one step closer to being free of cravings, free of anxiety, fear, or depression. Free from self-doubt, judgement, and negative perceptions about the beautiful life I have been afforded.

I am creating myself in the light I wish to shine and as the light I wish to be seen. 


Published by Tricia Parido

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