Social Anxiety and Recovery

Learning how to manage social anxiety during recovery is like building a muscle.

Until you start to exercise it, strength cannot develop.

In the Recovery Community, the struggle with social anxiety is common place. There is fear of judgement, scrutiny, labels, and distrust. More so, there is the internal belief of being unworthy and invalid. All of which do not improve without the proper guidance toward emotional stability, the development of the proper life skills, distress tolerance, and personal empowerment.

Most often the individual in early recovery does not know where to start. We see this mostly with those that have completed their recovery program and are now back at home trying to figure out “what now”. How do I re-enter the life I was previously numbing out and face it with confidence? How do I decide what I need to do first? What am I comfortable with? What am I not comfortable with? Where can I find people that are like me? When will they see that I have changed? That I am determined, focused, and capable!

Perhaps the questions or thoughts ought to be…. “when will I see that I am worthy of the life I desire?”, “how can I feel validated in my journey?”, “from this moment going forward, what do I need to do to get me where I want to be?”, and “who can teach me how to be successful in recovery in a way that I can understand?”

The answers and solutions are accessible. Recovery Transition to Life Skill Building is available.

You can harness your social anxieties. All you need is the desire and dedication to develop the muscle.

Published by Tricia Parido

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