How Do You Define Recovery?

Imagine and Visualize


If by mere definition the meaning of recovery is the action, or process, of regaining possession or control of something in order to return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength – wouldn’t it then be reasonable to see that everyone visits a state of recovery more often than what the generalized meaning has become with the current views surrounding addiction?

Let’s talk about that for a moment.

Have you ever felt that your spending habits are out of control? Do you frequently find yourself juggling money between accounts? Perhaps you have created a financial plan to rectify the situation – way more than once.

What about the continuous gaining and loosing of 20 pounds? Do you achieve your ideal weight and follow it by a series of overindulging events? Or is it more so that you return to the foods you love until you end up right back where you started?

How about your ability to stick to a resolution? Those goals to drink/eat less, exercise more, meditate regularly, engage in social activity, and so on, do you dive in and immerse yourself only to somehow find yourself disengaged because life got in the way?

Every time you slip away from something you had or have worked to obtain or achieve requires a recovery period that gets you back on track.

So why, I ask often, would anyone shy away from engaging in the recovery process? Or to even consider a program that is designed to guide them toward an improved quality of life that is manageable and maintainable long-term?

Sure, the general population looks at being in recovery as the need to end a severe addiction to drugs and alcohol. But even this scenario leaves out an entire population of people who need to recover. These are the people who have become addicted to their pain medication after an injury or surgery and the daily drinkers whose lives are not in ruin. (the list of versions is long).

Honestly, the world is more accepting of the recovery process. When was the last time you disparaged someone for working with a life coach or seeking personal improvement? Perhaps you noticed someone had made significant positive changes to their daily routine and seemingly had found a desirable state of mental wellbeing but didn’t think to ask how they came to achieve this. Instead, you are just sitting back in observation hoping to figure out their secret so you can put some of what they have to use in your life.

It’s time to look inside you. Time to create the life you wish to see yourself living.

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