Turning Leaves is a Nationally Certified Coaching Practice.

The mission at Turning Leaves Recovery, Life, and Wellness Coaching is to provide personalized, high-quality care that will guide you toward an empowered and improved quality of life and wellness. Your Certified Recovery Coach will support you during your addiction treatment recovery and transition you out of the addiction treatment bubble into the life you desire. The creation of our person centered, goal driven, coaching practice was developed with great passion, dedication and experience. We work avidly to continuously provide a comprehensive program that is proven to be successful.

It is the true intent of each Certified Life Coach to support and guide you toward your true capabilities to live life on life’s term with the development of positive life changes and personal empowerment through the eveidence based practices of mindfulness based, insight learning, insightful problem solving, and effective action planning.

Your recovery, life, and wellness coaching services are provided with an all hands-on approach as we believe in working directly with you as you experience recovery, maintain sobriety, find life balance, become empowered, improve your quality of life, and achieve your personal goals.

This is a full-service practice serving ALL Life Coach in San Luis Obispo County needs as well as across the United States. Every client regardless of treatment mode receives services filled with dedication and experience. We believe in working hands-on with my clients to experience recovery, find balance, maintain sobriety, lessen anxiety, and depression, develop impulse control, learn to respond versus reacting, and improve their overall quality of life through personal empowerment. 

We work together with each individual to meet their goals in all stages of recovery, life, and wellness. We believe in providing comprehensive services to every client in a positive, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere. And we believe in educating our clients as we work together to achieve the best emotional state possible

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