Addiction Treatment Transition to Life

Treatment Transition to Life is for the “NOW WHAT” and “WHATS NEXT” as you return home to the same stressors you were previously trying to avoid. The same spouse, bills, home, job, memories, disappointments, and so on.

This is the service that will guide YOU out of the substance abuse treatment bubble and into living a balanced and rewarding life. This period has been identified as a gap in service and is when you have successfully completed treatment and are ready to build your new life in sobriety outside of the treatment structure (often where one will be overconfident and become complacent). It is here where you learn key life skills and how to implement them into your daily living practices. 

Engagement in services with the coaching team is designed for each person and their level of support needs which often includes curriculum, process sessions, accountability reporting, stress redirection, and crisis intervention.