Building Milestones

Building Milestones is an in action16-week program. The first 10 weeks is where the intentional ground work is done between two session each week. Each week begins with specific life skill building curriculum and ends with an in-depth process session to celebrate your accomplishments and identify what would create even more benefit. The next 4 weeks we focus on conditioning the skills that suit and serve your life desires most, so they become your natural way of operating in an extended (1 ½ hour) weekly session format. From there it’s all about Building Mastery and empowering you to go on your own. We will shift to just two sessions in the next 4 weeks and then to just two session over the following 6 weeks. This affords you a period of transition to life while we are still here (in session & through telecommunication) to help you keep yourself from getting complacent. In a nutshell, that’s 28 personal Quality of Life Transformation coaching sessions over a 6-month period dedicated to focus solely on you and what you want your life to look like.

For some this may sound like quite a commitment. Trust me I get it. I did this exact journey, well not exact, because it took me two years to get through what you will gain. I have spent 5 years perfecting this system, and it works, for those that truly desire the outcome of an improved quality of life.

There have been some individuals that have shown the ability to get to the Mastery quicker. So, for the person that assesses to this level I created the “Master Climb”. This is where you get all of Building Milestones in a rapid in action 10-week program. The transition to life begins typically after week 7 and tapers in a similar fashion to the signature program.


We would be happy to talk with you to find out if one of these programs is a match for your desires.