Online Services

Coaching women and men that lack emotion regulation, distress tolerance and Impulse control, whether that is shopping, eating, or overindulgence of chemical substances, increase their sense of self-worth and improve their quality of life through a private and unique skill building practice that we tailor to fit their specific needs.
This is the place where together – we begin your journey toward YOUR empowered and improved quality of life that will consist of mental, emotional, and physical wellness.  

As a Nationally Certified Coaching Practice – All of our services (with the exception of intervention services) are available Nationwide via secure video communication and telecommunication avenues. So, whether you live local or out of our region you have the ability to benefit from our amazing programs and having a professional coach within your reach.

The Master Climb 

Psychology, Tactics, and Attainment

Coaching you to create a future free from impulsivity, codependency’s, and negative attachments.

The Master Climb is your access to a completely digital life coaching experience with our signature life skills building curriculum, Building Milestones™, and direct access to your online certified life coach and recovery coach. Each online life coaching module has been designed to provide comfort in learning, space for observation, and secure logging of your progress. You will be afforded the ability to proceed through the life skills at your comfort level as building mastery is the ultimate aspiration. You will also be in control of your personal account which will allow you to pay as you go.

This service is perfect for people with busy schedules, protective of their privacy, self-driven, or on a budget.

Contact me directly to learn more about the amazing benefits of working with an online life coach and engaging in online recovery coaching.

The Master Climb is a 10-module online course to guide you step-by-step to create a future free from impulsivity, codependency’s, and negative attachments.So, you can live a life full of what you desire, effective communication, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, empowerment, and self-love. Learn more..

Not the normal faces of addiction

These faces of addiction don’t fit the standard treatment models. They are functioning, their lives are not in a shamble, they don’t need to leave for 30-90 days or attend group therapy 3 days a week to talk about cravings. They need help understanding themselves.

They need support to help guide them toward making the little shifts that will correct the inappropriate and impulsive decision making. They need educated answers to why their perceptions are skewed differently so they can identify where modifications need to be made. The list goes on and on. But truly equates to developing effective life skills to empower and improve their quality of life. Learn more…

Addiction Treatment Transition to Life

Coaching women and men to reconnect with themselves, reign in and slow down the reels playing in their mind, and start upgrading their quality of life so they can go forward in confidence believing in their personal abilities to shine in the light they wish to be seen.

Treatment Transition to Life is for the “Now What” and “What’s Next” as you return home to the same stressors you were previously trying to avoid. The same spouse, bills, home, job, memories, disappointments, and so on. Learn more…

Tune-Up Your Recovery, Relapse Prevention

Recovery Tune Ups are a frequent need especially when we get complacent with the routine that got us this far. But more often we get to a place of vulnerability with increased stress or traumatic events. This is where it is time to engage in re-enforcement of our desire to stay in control of what we can, our sobriety. To do this however we often need to find guidance or support.

It isn’t surprising that as we evolve we create the need to develop new life skills that perhaps weren’t necessary before. Learn more…

Life and Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition 

Whether you battle with food addiction or impulse control, have low self-esteem, are isolated due to anxiety or depression, struggle with behavioral issues, are lacking life skills, find it difficult to find motivation, are leading a sedentary (non-active) life, need to develop boundaries, are faced with barriers in a relationship, or just feel stuck, this is where together we begin the journey toward your empowered and improved quality of life consisting of mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Learn more…

Food Addiction

Coaching women and men to stop eating every cookie on the plate, quit depriving themselves to jumpstart weight loss, not rely on downing a few drinks or a handful of pills to take the edge off, no longer feel defined by their role in life, realize they have a unique purpose and reclaim control of their wants, needs, and desires. Learn more…

Family and Relationship Recovery

Understanding addiction, the addict, the treatment process and how to incorporate recovery for all involved parties in the family unit is a stressful and confusing process. It is just as important that you heal and learn to continue living. Learn more…

Case Management

 A Professional Substance Abuse service that will be with you every step of the way, ensure that you begin your journey at the proper level of treatment, design a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan, guide you in obtaining the insurance benefits you are entitled to, assist you in managing your treatment plan of action, monitor your treatment progress and compliance, as well as ensure that your treatment team is providing the services you contracted them for. Learn more…