Treatment Transition to Life

Coaching women and men to reconnect with themselves, reign in and slow down the reels playing in their mind, and start upgrading their quality of life so they can go forward in confidence believing in their personal abilities to shine in the light they wish to be seen.

Treatment Transition to Life is for the “Now What” and “What’s Next” as you return home to the same stressors you were previously trying to avoid. The same spouse, bills, home, job, memories, disappointments, and so on.

Time in this program typically runs 6 to 9 months with varying levels of engagement as we have found it to be crucial for people in this period of life transformation to be supported through their first year of sobriety primarily during daily life stressors.

Engagement in services with the coaching team is designed for each person and their level of support needs which often includes curriculum, process sessions, accountability reporting, stress redirection, and crisis intervention.

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