Coaching women and men that lack emotion regulation, distress tolerance and Impulse control, whether that is shopping, eating, or overindulgence of chemical substances, increase their sense of self-worth and improve their quality of life through a private and unique skill building practice that we tailor to fit their specific needs.
This is the place where together – we begin your journey toward your empowered and improved quality of life that will consist of mental, emotional, and physical wellness.  

As a Nationally Certified Coaching Practice – All of our services (with the exception of intervention services) are available Nationwide via secure video communication and telecommunication avenues. So, whether you live local or out of our region you have the ability to benefit from our amazing programs and having a professional coach within your reach.


Building Milestones 

Our Signature Programs for a complete Quality of Life Transformation. Here you will end your belief that you are defined by external sources and impulsive behavior so you can live life knowing you are worthy of a better existence. Your needs and aspirations are valid. And your thoughts, feeling, emotions and opinions hold value. This Life Skill Building Program is for You IF You are ready to find Your Purpose in Life and create a Healthy Life Balance. If you are longing for a meaningful life in sobriety free from the associated maladaptive behaviors. If you feel it is important for You to gain a sense of independence and autonomy. And, If You desire to learn how to regulate Your emotions, develop distress tolerance, improve Your communication, and decrease relationship conflict. 

Not the normal faces of addiction

These faces of addiction don’t fit the standard treatment models. They are functioning, their lives are not in a shamble, they don’t need to leave for 30-90 days or attend group therapy 3 days a week to talk about cravings. They need help understanding themselves.

They need support to help guide them toward making the little shifts that will correct the inappropriate and impulsive decision making. They need educated answers to why their perceptions are skewed differently so they can identify where modifications need to be made. The list goes on and on. But truly equates to developing effective life skills to empower and improve their quality of life.

This is for the high functioning mother with attachment disorders that no longer knows who they are outside of their “role” feeling baffled about why they are lonely and have no idea what they want to do with the rest of their lives now that the kids are older, driving, working, off to college, starting families of their own.

The attentive mother who has it all together. She makes every school function and every practice. Always has meals ready and keeps the house in order. Yet what nobody knows is that in her gym bag she keeps a daily supply of small white wine bottles for drinking during the day while everyone is gone.

Or maybe instead, when she goes out for those daily three items the kids needed for school or were missing from the pantry she has to hide or justify the 15 plus other items she felt in the moment were necessary.

Even more discreet is the use and meaning hid around food. When something good happens there is always a treat to be had. Same for when something has gone bad. In fact, if you think about it, food is a top topic of conversation always and eating is always happening- even when nobody is looking.

And what about the mom who is super fit, always body conscious? Yet when she indulges, she goes big. Before a function, she must shop for all new everything. At the party, she got blackout drunk. Ate at least two of everything. Talked about and said things she never would normally. And for two days after was seemingly angry or depressed. Perhaps even admitted to feeling embarrassed.

If you identify with any version of this, I get you. I understand exactly where you are. I lived my own versions of these scenarios in multiple renditions for 30 years.

Let me show you how I was able to change my life without completely changing my life. How I have found complete content with just being exactly who I am with authenticity and integrity.

Tune-Up Your Recovery, Relapse Prevention

An ala carte service that is developed and structured specifically for these time of need. They are available any time you feel stuck, in need of a “tune-up”, fear you may use or have actually experienced a slip

Addiction Treatment Transition to Life

This is the service that will guide YOU out of the substance abuse treatment bubble and into living a balanced and rewarding life. This period has been identified as a gap in service and is when you have successfully completed treatment and are ready to build your new life in sobriety outside of the treatment structure (often where one will be overconfident and become complacent). It is here where you learn key life skills and how to implement them into your daily living practices. 

Life and Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition 

Whether you battle with food addiction or impulse control, have low self-esteem, are isolated due to anxiety or depression, struggle with behavioral issues, are lacking life skills, find it difficult to find motivation, are leading a sedentary (non-active) life, need to develop boundaries, are faced with barriers in a relationship, or just feel stuck, this is where together we begin the journey toward your empowered and improved quality of life consisting of mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Call for a free consultation so you can discover how to get you past your barriers and onto the path you desire. 

Family and Relationship Recovery

Understanding addiction, the addict, the treatment process and how to incorporate recovery for all involved parties in the family unit is a stressful and confusing process. While your loved one is exploring and experiencing their healing process it is important for you to learn, grow, and heal as well. We will explore your special family system dynamics and guide you to find your power to live life for yourself again.

Food Addiction

Food Addictions and disordered eating habits are unique to each individual. Treatment service needs are developed on a personal level and provided upon matching the individuals needs to the appropriate treatment approach. Considerations include but are not limited to whether illegal substance abuse is on board as well, or, if the addiction is with Food and Behavior only.

Intervention Services

Professional and Crisis Intervention services entail a process that involves transparency and participation from key individuals. Interventions are designed and developed on a per case bases and require consultation and collaboration.

Case Management

 A Professional Substance Abuse service that will be with you every step of the way, ensure that you begin your journey at the proper level of treatment, design a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan, guide you in obtaining the insurance benefits you are entitled to, assist you in managing your treatment plan of action, monitor your treatment progress and compliance, as well as ensure that your treatment team is providing the services you contracted them for. It is in this service that you will be connected with the proper providers for your detoxification or medication management needs. You will also discover and be connected with the appropriate provider for inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment services that meet your specific level of care needs.

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