Addiction Recovery Stories

As a coach/ client relationship we worked together through addiction treatment transition to life coaching in Arroyo Grande, Here are some addiction recovery stories and addiction recovery quotes about our addiction recovery services

Jane Adrian March 2019

Turning Leaves under the direction of Tricia Parido has been the missing link we gratefully found for the whole and comprehensive recovery of our daughter and our family. Tricia provides such a unique and outstanding service. Turning Leaves teaches a life skills curriculum with personal one to one counseling and support so needed after a person leaves rehab. Her service goes far beyond a typical outpatient program as it meets the needs of the individual and is accessible. If you are looking for that life coach for your loved one after treatment, I highly recommend Turning Leaves. This program offers what is exactly needed for a person to survive and thrive after treatment. My family is whole again because of Turning Leaves and our daughter is happy and thriving.

Heidi Koch Feb 2019

I have never felt this happy in my life. Balance is one of the many life lessons I needed to learn, and I thank you Tricia at Turning Leaves for helping me bring this forward. Truly life changing.

Alexander Lion Feb 2019

Tricia is an amazing life coach, who has helped me gain a new lease on life. It is very important to find someone who can relate to you, in a judgment-free and warm environment. I would highly recommend Turning Leaves Recovery to those in need of a brighter tomorrow. Thank you Tricia!

H.K. Dec 2018

Tricia Parido has been an integral piece of my recovery from addiction, helping to guide me through a more than challenging time using a proven curriculum that is not only used to improve my self-awareness, but also improve my relationship with those in my life.  I have Tricia at Turning Leaves Recovery to thank for my truly amazing strides in a short 6 months.  I would refer Tricia to any and all who seek a release from the prison of addiction.

Brooke A Oct 2017
Tricia has been my life coach for about a year now as I have been recovering from a drug addiction. She has helped me get through incredibly difficult times. Tricia is intelligent, compassionate, motivating, experienced and so much fun to work with- reminding me not to take life too seriously, to be grateful and to smile and laugh. The space Tricia creates is safe which allows me to be myself and work through everything I need to- it has been an amazing journey on this road to recovery. Tricia was my guide from rehab back into the real world. I have been to rehab many times and going from a safe, inpatient facility back into life with daily triggers and stressors, I often failed and went back to using because that transition is hard and without someone to help me slowly integrate back into regular daily living, without using, it left me vulnerable. I have been trying to recover from my addiction for years and when I met Tricia, she changed my life because she believed in me and gave me the tools I needed to succeed. I am still in my first year, but I can honestly say that without Tricia’s knowledge of addiction and her ability to connect with me on a deeper level, I don’t know if I would have made it this far. She’s honest with me, pushes me to be my best self, but is still caring and excepting of who I am. We fight this battle together and it has been such a pleasure. Tricia has a way of brightening my day too. She’s real and candid which I appreciate because I know that I can only get better if I receive honest feedback on how to improve my life. If anyone out there is looking for a person who can help them with addiction, life improvement, self-esteem and confidence, and an all-around change that will help them grow and reach their full potential, Tricia Parido is the one.

Nell A Oct 2017
Working with Tricia has changed my life. Her dedication to me as her client is compassionate and genuine. I have been apart of Turning Leaves with Tricia for a year and since beginning treatment with her, my relationships with my family, friends and myself have extremely improved. I continue to learn and grow from the materials and tools Tricia uses to manage my recovery from living addicted.

Grace C Oct 2017
Tricia has helped me come such a long way from where I was 6 months ago. She’s helped me turn my life around by learning coping skills, cognitive thinking skills, and how to balance my life out properly. I appreciate everything she’s done for me and all the progress that she’s helped me make as well as the accomplishments I’ve earned through working with her.

Carly F Feb 2017
“I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of this amazing woman’s life! About 6 months ago I was in the darkest place I’ve ever been, and could hardly see the light at the end of the tunnel. Tricia Parido helped me not only climb out of the dark place I was in but also helped me learn how to live life and see the beauty in the world again! She has taken a lot of her time out of her life to make sure I would succeed in every aspect of my recovery, and in my life as a whole. I am eternally grateful for all she has done for me. I would have never gotten this far without her! She is an amazing woman and I’m blessed to have her in my life today!”

RLH Feb 2017
“The level of treatment and care I have received is of the highest degree. Without Tricia, my recovery wouldn’t have been possible and I am forever grateful for her coaching me in the right direction in life. Life is to short to be living in the fast lane… so never be afraid to move over and enjoy the ride….”

Rob P Jan 2017
“Tricia has been a huge part of the reason I have been able to crawl out of the dark hole I was in. Like a life, preserver was thrown to me as I was starting to drown. She has helped me find myself again. To live life on life’s terms happy, healthy and most importantly sober. She has given me a “toolbox” of knowledge on how to do this with which I use on a daily basis. I am forever grateful that she was put in my path to end the cycle of destruction of alcoholism and help me become the person I am supposed to be. Anyone seeking treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol would be blessed to have her. Thank so much, Tricia.”