The Master Climb

Psychology, Tactics, and Attainment

Coaching you to create a future free from impulsivity, codependency’s, and negative attachments.

The Master Climb is your access to a completely digital life coaching experience with our signature life skills building curriculum, Building Milestones™, and direct access to your online certified life coach and recovery coach. Each online life coaching module has been designed to provide comfort in learning, space for observation, and secure logging of your progress. You will be afforded the ability to proceed through the life skills at your comfort level as building mastery is the ultimate aspiration. You will also be in control of your personal account which will allow you to pay as you go.

This service is perfect for people with busy schedules, protective of their privacy, self-driven, or on a budget.

Contact me directly to learn more about the amazing benefits of working with an online life coach and engaging in online recovery coaching.

The Master Climb is a 10-module online course to guide you step-by-step to create a future free from impulsivity, codependency’s, and negative attachments. So, you can live a life full of what you desire, effective communication, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, empowerment, and self-love.

Are you overly attentive to everyone else’s needs? Do you continuously come home with unnecessary items, not on your shopping list? Is it common for you to indulge yourself with the bakery goods before they make it to the kitchen?

Would you like to have more balance in your life? Feeling like you are on autopilot with no idea what you are doing or why you are doing it? Would you like to have more self-control? An ability to slow down your thoughts and actions to allow for space to have responses and make decisions more in line with how you truly feel.

Maybe you are struggling to find your life’s purpose outside of your daily “roles”? Feeling baffled about why you are lonely and have no idea what you want to do with the rest of their lives now that the kids are older, driving, working, off to college, starting families of their own? Perhaps you have taken to drinking wine during the day while you do your household chores because nobody is there, and no one will know?

Do you see a gap between where you are and where you want to be? You have a job and a social life with no meaningful relationships. Not living your dream? Would you like to find clarity about what you want to do, learn how to overcome your limitations and gain the right tools to achieve your aspirations?

If you answered yes or felt most of these questions resonated with you, then certainly the Master Climb online course was created for you.

I created and designed this online life coaching course to guide you step-by-step, one milestone at a time on how to generate the mindset and perception shifts that will allow you to be the best version of you.

You will learn my evidence-based coaching method as it pertains to your individual needs. The steps are clearly outlined with specific strategies to lead you to develop your capacity to conquer the challenges holding you back and launch you into achieving your goals.

This is a 10-module online life coaching course designed to give you clarity about your life so that you can go forward with the confidence and motivation you desire so you can achieve your goals. You will learn my evidence-based coaching practice that will enable you to obtain the results you desire.

In this online course, you will learn

  • How to assess for areas needing improvement to generate life satisfaction
  • How to identify your core non-physical feelings and what drives them.
  • How to correct the language you use when you communicate with yourself.
  • How to listen to and honor your core beliefs and the values that drive your decision making.
  • How to operate from a place of intuition as opposed to being emotionally charged.
  • How to balance all 8 life categories that generate a complete life balance.
  • To get centered and grounded in any moment.
  • The art of pause so you can become responsive versus instinctually being reactive.
  • To expand your consciousness, recognize patterns and monitor your stance.
  • Where you reside on the locus of control so you can become internally driven instead of externally derailed
  • How to implement filtering boundaries, set appropriate limits and embrace empowering limitations.
  • The ability to tolerate and accept.
  • How to discover what truly comforts you.
  • How to interpret events, describe your emotions and gain control of urges to act.
  • To let go of painful emotions and pay attention to positives.
  • To reduce your vulnerability to negative emotions.
  • To Build Your Life Skills with Mastery

This course will help you understand why you do the things you do. You will discover what to do to manifest a higher level of functioning. Engage in your autonomy to be exactly who you want to be. Sense a greater level of self-awareness that will propel you on a journey toward personal empowerment and improved quality of life.

Why do you need to tap into the mindset of those who have achieved mental clarity and contentment?

Many people feel stuck in their “life roles” and without them, they don’t experience a true sense of purpose. Even when their lives are seemingly put together, a great job, caring spouse, healthy children, the white picket fence so to speak, they are unsatisfied with life on a personal level. Their relationships are only touching the surface, recreation and intellectual stimulation have ceased to exist, and their esteem needs have gone neglected or ignored for longer than they can remember.

This occurs most often during life transitions. From college to career, single to married with children, parenting to empty nesting, and in retirement. Usually, there is a vision of what these transitions will look and feel like, yet with each realization, those aspirations either came up short or presented in a fashion much less desirable. Even worse are those times of behavioral lapses, those times when they themselves did not live up to their own expectations.

In this world, a place full of disruptions and far too many choices, it is commonplace for someone to overthink therefore failing to be decisive or action-oriented. Unfortunately, this creates a failure to launch, being stuck right where they are, and instigates a sense of defeat. Not knowing where to start to prompt change or find meaningful rewards they stay on the autopilot of their commitments, obligations and daily tasks, becoming completely out of touch with themselves and their true aspirations.

They haven’t been modeled effective coping skills, they weren’t taught how to adapt and navigate through challenging circumstances, they are unable even to discern what the actual issue is.

Through this course, you will be guided on a deep dive of self-observation that will facilitate a transformation around the way you think and feel in your life. You will achieve a life balance that honors all of your esteem needs. And operate from a place of intuitive thinking, your wise mind.

The Structure

This online course includes 10 modules which will include; assessments, surveys, mindset training, videos, assignments and individual one on one time with your personal life coach or recovery coach to guide you through applying the practical techniques specifically into your life and lifestyle.