At Turning Leaves we know firsthand just how hard it can be to change attitudes and behaviors from the self-defeating and unfulfilling to the completely self-honoring and rewarding. Especially when it is time to transition back to life after recovery. This is where we face the NOW WHAT and WHAT’S NEXT when everything is the same; the neighborhood, the home, the job, the bills, etc.

How about your desires that seemingly go unattended? Like feeling heard in a conversation, valid in your opinions, and worthy of your needs and wants. And if you are like me, the just knowing how to articulate what that even looks like for you in itself is a challenge!

What about curbing those impulsive yearnings that we know won’t fix our issues, but we do them anyway like; eating every cookie on the plate; not eating at all to jump start weight loss; downing a few drinks to take the edge off; going on a shopping adventure; anything, honestly, that will keep the thoughts of how our lives are lacking, out of the present.

The road to taking control is not a short one.

If you are in recovery, or are seeking a lifestyle change, do you know where YOU are headed?

Creating an effective plan of action to achieve YOUR goals, objectives, and aspirations requires a deep dig into understanding yourself, what drives you, and what will truly bring joy into your life.

It is so much more than getting through one day at a time.

It is deciding what YOU want and being determined to make it YOUR reality.

In our services we explore with you exactly how you can get to know yourself, reign in and slow down the reels playing in your mind, and set YOUR quality of life transformation into motion.

Join us in taking a personal look into your mind states and personal dialog to guide you toward finding YOUR voice and improving YOUR quality of life and well-being! And learn how to seamlessly reduce daily stress, anxiety, and poor internal communication habits without the need to completely restructure your life.

I look forward to meeting you!

Tricia Parido

Master Coach, Director

substance abuse coach