Meet The Team

Tricia Parido – BS Psych, CATC, IMAC, NCPLC

I come from a place of great empathy and strong desire to empower people that are seeking a quality of life transformation. It is my passion to motivate individuals to achieve their full potential and return to a level of functioning that will provide them with great self-worth.  Having successfully sustained plenty of my own recovery achievements spanning more than 20 years I understand exactly how challenging and even frightening it is to embark on this journey. In fact I created this amazing program through my personal experiences of what works well, incorporated evidence based practices for the healing of co-occurring disorders and translated them into a unique quality of life coaching system that has proven to be successful time and time again.


  • High level of Interpersonal Skills, Self-Awareness, Responsibility, Commitment, and Empathy.
  • Strong mental attributes and functions such as intuition, openness, effectiveness, vision, and knowledge.
  • Passionate and compassionate advocacy, empowerment, motivational skills, objectivity, and honesty.
  • Excellent at establishing and maintaining rapport with clients, colleagues, and referral sources.

Walden University

  • BS Psychology (2018) with a strong focus on behavioral, social, and cross-cultural psychology. In-depth studies on addiction, personalities, psychological disorders, interdisciplinary perspectives of healthcare, treatment modalities, personal health, and wellness. Member of the Deans List, Phi Theta Kappa and Psy Chi. 

The Addictions Academy

  • International Master Addictions Coach with intense, in-depth training.  National Certifications for Recovery Coaching, Life Coaching, Family Systems of Addiction Recovery, Professional and Crises Intervention Specialist, Professional Case Management, Food Addiction Coaching, Relapse Prevention, Ethics, Business, Branding, and Marketing.

Saddleback College / California Association of Alcohol and Drug Educators Substance Abuse Counselor Certification-Mental Health

  • Successfully completed, with honors; Field Instruction Seminar I and II, Physiological Effects and Pharmacology of Alcohol and Drugs. Human Service in a Changing Society, Group Leadership, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Substance Abuse Intervention and Treatment, Case Administration, Crisis Intervention and Recovery, Family Dynamics of Addiction and Abuse, Human Development in the Social Environment and Ethical Issues/Client Rights, Multicultural and Divided Populations in the US and Co-Occurring Disorders.

Bethany Hahlbeck NCRC, NCLC, NCRPS

I have currently sustained over 2 years of complete sobriety from on and off long-term addiction. I am no stranger to the difficulties of co-occurring disorders, the addiction battle, or the recovery journey. My passion lies in the family systems and relapse prevention.

Education and Certifications

The Addictions Academy:

  • Nationally Certified Recovery Coach
  • Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach
  • Nationally Certified Life Coach
  • Nationally Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist

Allan Hancock College:

  • Addiction Counseling
  • Co-Occurring Disorders